Karl Hartig
charts, diagrams,
information graphics

U.S. Population Changes
A three-dimensional model created with U.S. Census data.

Information Age
Information Economy charted by dividing the U.S. labor force into four sectors.

Consumer Electronics
Percentage of households using consumer electronics products from 1920 to 1998.

Computer Power
Chart of the power of Intel microprocessor chips from 1971 to 1997.

Energyflow in BTUs
Diagram shows energy production to energy consumption in quadrillion BTUs.

Dow Jones Industrial Average
Charting 100 years of the daily Dow Jones Industrial Average

Three-dimensional graphic of U.S. Immigration from 1820 to 1993.

Politics and Polls
The charts show the full range of voter ratings for three candidates.

Presidential Job-Approval
Events and the economy contribute to people's opinions about president.

Elections and Voting
Charts show how public views of president and Congress can affect voter turnout.

Business Cycles
Five economic indicators reflect cycles in business and the economy.

Music Industry
Charts shows consumer purchases by type of music and type of media.